Bottesi Bar Tools

Skull Spoon by Bottesi

Rangda Strainer by Bottesi

Rangda Stainer Bokor (left) Tolmay (center) and Rangda ( right) Strainers by Bottesi

During this past year, Bottesi has been working on a special strainer with a motif in 3-D. Their Rangda strainer ( far right) was inspired by the traditional Balinese mask of the demon queen Rangda, who fights against Barong.

Skull Spoon by Bottesi

Skull Spoon by Bottesi Skull Spoon by Bottesi

This Skull Spoon is handmade by Bottesi. It is a standard 30 cm barspoon, which they cut, sand, drill and polish by hand. Each spoon is uniquely different. They are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

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