Tales of the Cocktail Foundation values bringing people together and sees opportunity in collective efforts to further the global drinks industry. It is with this spirit that the Foundation enlists industry experts and leaders to form advisory committees for our Grants Program, Education, and Spirited Awards®. Each of our committee members dedicate themselves and their time to ensuring that the Foundation is offering elevated programming, acknowledges the best, and supports innovative programs looking to advance the industry.

Philanthropy and Development Committee | Education Advisory Committee | Dame Hall of Fame Committee Spirited Awards Committee

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Philanthropy and Development Committee

The Philanthropy & Development Committee is comprised of key industry stakeholders who advise the committee on promoting the welfare of the global hospitality industry. The Committee advises on the Foundation’s entire suite of giving efforts, including, but not limited to: grant-giving and direct relief, Beyond the Bar activations and Day of Service, policy and advocacy work, and non-profit partnerships.

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Philanthropy & Development Committee



  • Nandini Khaund, Spirit Guide + Consultant
  • Morgan Schick, Principal, There There Co.
  • Tiffanie Barriere, The Drinking Coach
  • Samuel Jimenez, General Manager of Chop Bar 
  • Kelsey Ramage, Supernova  & Trash Tiki Founder
  • Chris Cabrera, National LGBTQ+ Portfolio Ambassador- Bacardi
  • Lisa Nguyen, Sales and Market Strategy for Letherbee Distillers
  • Vivian Pei, F&B Specialist
  • Claudia Cabrera, Bar manager at kaito del valle, Bar manager at Sod Bar, Manager at Paxia Fratelli Branca, Brand Ambassador
  • Yisell Muxo, Director of Brand Advocacy Don Q Rum
  • Chris Patino, Owner Raised by Wolves, Founder Simple Serve, Organizer Bartenders Weekend


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Education Advisory Committee

Overseeing the integrity of Tales of the Cocktail®’s educational programming and serving a 3-year term, the Education Advisory Committee is sub-divided into three streams of education: Business, Culture and Beyond the Bar. These committees work collectively to curate seminars that address the interests, needs, and goals of bartenders through these three lenses. at-Through proposals, three rounds of judging, interviews, and an execution phase, this committee members strive to provide educational programming at Tales of the Cocktail® that address the interests, challenges, and goals of the global hospitality industry.

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Education Committee

Business Advisory Committee

An excellent bar only works if the business is built on an equally impressive foundation. The Foundation recognizes the advantage of pooling together global business insights from the best and brightest in the industry and leveraging this tremendous resource to uplift and improve the entire community.



  • Chanel Adams, Business Development Specialist for Prime Botanica, Bangkok Thailand
  • Ara Caravallo, Co-Founder Barra Mexico, Portfolio Director Distill Ventures
  • Sam Egerton, General Manager – New Projects – Merivale
  • Brandon Grusd, GM Proof & Company, South East Asia
  • Laura Green, M.Ed., Midwest Regional Spirits Specialist for The Winebow Group
  • Alex Day, Chief of Operations for the Gin & Luck Company (Death & Co and Proprietors LLC)
  • Rebecca Sturt, Marketing Manager, Middle East and India for Rémy Cointreau and owner of Dubai Bartenders Club
  • Minakshi Singh, Co-Founder of two bars, Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy, in Gurgaon, and Sidecar in New Delhi, India

Culture Advisory Committee

Thoughtfully exploring the culture and the lifestyle of the bartending community has always been at the core of Tales of the Cocktail’s programming. While this is not a new focus, the Culture Advisory Committee will seek to enhance these offerings to meet and exceed the evolving needs of the industry.



  • Giulia Cuccurullo, Head bartender at Artesian bar
  • Laura Cullen, Founder of Liberty Consulting
  • Ali Dedianko,Head of Advocacy & Experiential,, Brown-Forman, UK
  • Bannie Kang, Brand Ambassador
  • Keith Motsi, Beverage Operations/Head Bartender- Four Seasons Hotel
  • Michael Neff, Proprietor, The Cottonmouth Club
  • Benjamin Padron Novoa, Co-Founder of Licoreria Limantour


Beyond the Bar Advisory Committee

Created in 2018, Beyond the Bar facilitates dialogue and inspires thinking around pressing topics facing the hospitality and spirits industry, from social justice to lifestyle, health, addiction, and sustainability.



  • Holly Graham, Author, Managing Editor (International) at DRiNK Magazine & Academy Chair at The World’s 50 Best Bars and Asia’s 50 Best Bars
  • Chelsea Gregoire, Founder & Hospitality Director at Church; Owner and Consultant at Drinkable Genius
  • Andrew Ho, Hope & Sesame
  • Hannah Lanfear, Founding Director of The Mixing Class Ltd
  • Nicole Riske, European Brand Ambassador – The Macallan
  • Nana Sechere, New Business and Partnerships Manager
  • Jordan Zimmerman, Premium Whiskey Education Lead & Head of Advocacy, USA & Canada (Brown-Forman)
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Dame Hall of Fame Committee

The Dame Hall of Fame Committee, including Co-Chairs and Committee Members, consists of active Dames who have had groundbreaking accomplishments and have shaped the beverage landscape, providing visible models of achievement for tomorrow’s leaders. A celebration of hospitality trail-blazers, the active Dame Hall of Fame Committee Members work to select individuals who have made a unique and lasting impact on the accessibility and intersectionality of the cocktail community by introducing annually three new “Dames” — the U.S. Inductee, International Inductee, and the Pioneer Award recipient.

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Dame Hall of Fame® Committee


Active Committee:

  • Bridget Albert, SGWS Sr. National Director Education
  • Melanie Asher, CEO Macchu Pisco LLC
  • Chris Cabrera, National LGBTQ+ ambassador – Bacardi
  • Francine Cohen, Founder/Editor-in-Chief/Chief Consultant – INSIDE F&B
  • Laura Cullen, Founder, Liberty Consulting
  • Cris Dehlavi, Brand Educator, Diageo Hospitality Partnership
  • Meaghan Dorman, Bar Director: Raines Law Room & Dear Irving
  • Elayne Duff, Founder
  • Dorothy Elizabeth, Mace & Cocktail Kingdom
  • Kate Gerwin, Owner
  • Abigail Gullo, Director of Industry for Bartender’s Circle
  • Misty Kalkofen, Madrina at Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal
  • Lisa Laird Dunn, COO & Global Ambassador, Laird & Company
  • Sandrae Lawrence, Publisher/Editor – The Cocktail Lovers
  • Lynnette Marrero, Llama Inn (Brooklyn) Llama San (NYC), Speed Rack, Consultant
  • ms. franky marshall, Modern Bartender ~ Educator ~ Consultant
  • Lauren Mote, Co-Founder, Bittered Sling
  • Shannon Mustipher, Educator and Consultant
  • Robin Nance, Sr Manager Trade Engagement
  • Lauren Paylor, R&D Production Chef – Silver Lyan | Owner – Focus On Health
  • Charlotte Voisey, Global Head of Ambassadors, William Grant & Sons
  • Claire Warner, Co Founder, Æcorn Drinks
  • Pamela Wiznitzer, Beverage Consultant
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Spirited Awards Committee

The Spirited Awards® Committee, including Co-Chairs, Regional Committee Members, and Writing & Media Judges, is comprised of respected bartenders, bar owners, educators, and writers from across the globe. Drawing on their years of experience and their knowledge of the current work being done locally, nationally, and internationally, together with the Co-Chairs and Committee Members can evaluate individuals and establishments from within their region, and Writing & Media Judges can evaluate nominations from far and wide, to ensure that the Spirited Awards are inclusive and represent the breadth and diversity of the global drinks industry.

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Spirited Awards® Committee

Overall Chair & International Chair:

Regional Co-Chairs

Asia Pacific Co-Chairs:

Asia Pacific Committee:

Niks Anuman-Rajadhon | Mikey Ball | Priyanka Blah | Arijit Bose | Sam Bygrave | Stefano Catino | Calem Chadwick | Colin Chia | Cara Devine | Sam Egerton | Andrea Gauldi | Shingo Gokan | Holly Graham | Jay Gray | David Hans | Krystal Hart | Andrew Ho | Rogerio Igarashi Vaz | Joshua Ivanovic | Yijun Juan | Wawan Kurniawan | Yangdup Lama | Lester Ligon | Keith Motsi | Supawit (Palm) Muttarattana | Natalie Ng | Vu Ngoc | Jesse Vida | Aki Wang | Luke Whearty | Tariq Widarso | Lu Yao | Kim (Terry Kim) Yongjoo |

Canada Co-Chairs:

Canada Committee:

Shane Beehan | Katherine Boushel | Matt Boyle | Amber Bruce | Jordan Bushell | Adrian Chappell | Jenner Cormier | Kevin Demers | Jake Dolgy | Mike Fox | Alexandra Gill | Robin Goodfellow | James Grant | Gord Hannah | Lindsay Jones | Trevor Kallies | Madeleine MacDonald | Dave Mitton | Alana Nogueda | Sarah Parniak | Kelsey Ramage | Bry Simpson | Jessica Blaine Smith | Jon Smolensky | Shawn Soole | Reece Southern | Kaitlyn Stewart | Elsa Taylor | Jeffrey Van Horne | Julien Vézina | Andrew Whibley | Juliana Wolkowski | Rus Yessenov |

Europe Co-Chairs:

Europe Committee:

Bex Almqvist | Dieyna “Jenna” Ba | Georgina Bell | Katalin Bene | Monica Berg | Jacob Briars | Ian Burrell | Oisin Davis | Maroš Dzurus | Giacomoloris Giannotti | Stephanie Jordan | Alex Kratena | Vasileios Kyritsis | Roberta Mariani | Iain McPherson | Emanuel Minêz | Christina Monaco | Lauren Mote | Mattia Pastori | Patrick Pistolesi | CoCo Prochorowski | Eddie Edvinas Rudzinskas | Dmytro “Dima” Shovkoplias | Carina Soto Velasquez | Michael Vachon | Camille Vidal |

Latin America & Caribbean Co-Chairs:

Latin America & Caribbean Committee:

Mario Alarcon | Karen Álvarez Seijas | Alvaro Aniano | Luis Sebastián Atienza | Gina Barbachano García | Roberto Berdecia | Claudia Cabrera | Omar Chamorro | Leslie Cofresi | Aaron Diaz | Liz Furlong | Adrian Glickman | Audrey Hands | Laura Hernandez Espinosa | Daniyel Jones | Luis Llanos | Alex Mesquita | Megs Miller | Rodrigo Otaiza | Benjamin Padron Novoa | Alexandra Purcaru | Erin Rose | Márcio Silva | Pascual Tejada | Cesar Trivino | Cynthia “Chula Barmaid” Zamora |

Middle East & Africa Co-Chairs:

Middle East & Africa Committee:

Stephen Aidoo | Seth Awesome | Jad Ballout | Chris Beaney | Charles Kojo Bucknor | Misha Cheri Sarah Chinnah | Varia Dellalian | Cameron Hawkins | Caitlin Hill | Travis Khun | Mulunda Kombo | Peter Lebese | Oron Lerner | Laura Marnich | Walid Merhi | Sivu Nobongoza | Tapatheo Nyamekye | Emmanuel Oyira | Lola Pedro | Leighton Rathbone | Lara Rawa | Joan Samia | Kurt Schlechter | Nana Sechere | Ebenezer Tetteh | Taneale van der Merwe | Leah van Deventer | Charne van Heerden |

U.S. Central Co-Chairs:

U.S. Central Committee:

Richard Bailey | Preston Brown | Amanda Carto | Amy Cavanaugh | Roy Clark | Joshua Davis | Liam Deegan | Maren Erickson | Brent Falco | Doug Frost | Joshua Gandee | Anna Giordano | Lynn House | Angie Jackson | Charles Joly | John Neely | Minh Nguyen | Jessica Sanders | Trevor Scovel | Lindsey Stanard | Peter Vestinos | J’Nai Williams | David Yee |

U.S. East Co-Chairs:

U.S. East Committee:

Colin Appiah | Tiffanie Barriere | Dan Binkiewicz | Chris Cabrera | Jackson Cannon | Tim Cooper | Nico de Soto | Meaghan Dorman | Simon Ford | Trevor Frye | A-K Hada | Charles Hardwick | Susanna Hoyt | Tyler Hudgens | Valentino Longo | Jaymee Mandeville | Lynnette Marrero | ms. franky marshall | Steven Olson | Lauren Paylor | Julie Reiner | Kellie Thorn | Gabriel Urrutia | Masahiro Urushido | Charlotte Voisey |

U.S. West Co-Chairs:

U.S. West Committee:

Jennifer Ackrill | Anu Apte | Jason Asher | Janice Bailon | Sebastien Derbomez | Kevin Diedrich | Daniel Djang | Raul Faria | Cameron George | Kate Gerwin | Gary Gruver | Erin Hayes | Mari Howe | Alex Jump | David Kaplan | Stephen Kurpinsky | Jen Len | Nectaly Mendoza | Ramsey Musk | Travis Nass | Antoine Nixon | Jim Romdell | Annalisa Suarez | Daniel Warrilow | Mary Allison Wright |

Writing & Media and Books Co-Chairs:

Writing & Media and Books Committee:

Books: Camper English | Philip Greene | Chris Hannah | Anistatia Miller | Kara Newman | Kathleen Purvis
Writing & Media: Fernando Castellon | Nicholas Coldicott | Wayne Curtis | Kate Dingwall | Bernard Gutman | Denny Kallivoka | Virginia Miller | Rodolfo Reich | Noah Rothbaum | Jane Ryan | Amanda Schuster | Robert Simonson | Christine Sismondo | Sother Teague | Leah van Deventer | G. Clay Whittaker |

Timeless Co-Chairs:

Timeless Committee:

Full committee list coming soon!


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