Join us April 7-10 for Tales on Tour Edinburgh 2018.


April 7th - 10th 2018

With one Tales on Tour in Edinburgh under our belt, we’re ready to return with an even bigger slate of seminars, distillery meet and greets, tastings, bar tours and more. In Spring 2018, Tales of the Cocktail Tour will be making Scotland its home away from home once again as we welcome cocktail professionals from Europe and around the world for four days of cocktail education and celebration. We’ll also get to know the quirky and cool cocktail culture of Edinburgh even better as we explore the bars and restaurants of this legendary city.

It was a historic Tales on Tour in 2017. We’re ready to make history once again.

The Tales of the Cocktail® on Tour 2018 Seminars:


  • Giuseppe Gallo with Simone Caporale, Mia Johansson and Marc Alvarez
  • Presented by Aperitivo Select
  • Discover the evolution of the modern Italian aperitivo and how the classic Spritzer became the 21st century worldwide trend. When and where was the first Spritz ever made and which was the original recipe? How craft and historic bitter liquors have defined the different styles of Spritzes, depending on the city? We will take you through a journey that will reveal where everything began; how the recipe changed across the years and made its appearance to the cocktail world, until it finally became part of our aperitivo culture. Hosted by Italian drink expert Giuseppe Gallo.


  • Joseph Schofield with Vasilis Krystis, Max Venning & Mimi Lorandova
  • Presented by Bombay Sapphire
  • This seminar looks at some of the most progressive and innovative beverage programmes in the world, and explores what goes on behind the scenes. Join Joe Schofield, Max Venning, Mimi Lorandova and Vasilis Kyritsis as they discuss their systems and thought processes to push away from the confines of trends and conservativeness.


  • Davin de Kergommeaux with Kevin Vollebregt
  • Presented by Libbey Glassware
  • How does grain translate into whisky flavors? Does the choice of grain matter, and if so how? How does distillation shape whisky flavors? Let Canadian whisky authority, Davin de Kergommeaux, and glassware expert, Kevin Vollebregt, lead you through a one-time-only tasting of newly distilled rye, wheat, barley and corn spirits in this master class in distilling, flavor generation, and how best to enjoy it.


  • Iain McPherson with Sullivan Doh, Mia Johansson, Vasilis Kyritsis & Boudewijn Mesritz
  • Presented by Tales of the Cocktail Foundation
  • Everyone wants to be nominated for Tales or listed in World’s 50 Best, but what if you don’t have a PR budget? Or ANY budget? Edinburgh’s favorite son, Iain “Panda” McPherson is here to show you how, with practical tips and hacks from his own Edinburgh empire. Leave this seminar knowing the how and the why, and armed with the mistakes to avoid on the road to fame and fortune.


  • Elayne Duff with Monica Berg, Hannah Lanfear & Sullivan Doh
  • Presented by Tales of the Cocktail Foundation
  • How to embrace inclusiveness and what it can mean for your staff, your customer base and your bottom line. Everyone wants to have both a diverse workforce and customer base, but how do you actually go about it? Join New York mixologist Elayne Duff for a session packed with immediate-action tips to boost ALL diversity - gender, race, age, country of origin and even social class - both behind and in front of your bar. Joining Elayne to detail the how and why of practical inclusiveness are award-winning Norwegian bartender Monica Berg, WSET UK educator Hannah Lanfear, and Sullivan Doh, owner of Parisian cocktail bars Le Syndicat and La Commune


  • Jacob Briars with Sly Augustin, Metinee Kongsrivali and Jenny Willing
  • Presented by Bacardi
  • In the rush to design brilliant spaces and stock bars with brilliant products, many otherwise brilliant bars are neglecting their music offering, and failing to stimulate the most powerful sense of all. Sasha Petraske used to say he’d made up his mind whether he liked a place 5 seconds after opening the door. Most of your customers probably do it in half that time. But how can this be if your guests haven’t yet had time to see your bespoke bitters and ice program? The answer is, they make that decision at the speed of sound. Music is the most important way to create an instant atmosphere in your venue. It can be used to instantly tell arriving guests what kind of venue this is, and perhaps more importantly, what kind it is not. Your choice of music, and musicians, can subtly suggest to guests that they sit down, stand up, dance around, and drink up. Managed well, it is a guaranteed way to increase guest satisfaction, create a unique experience, give your guests the best night ever, and even increase your rate of sale. Join Sly Augustin of award winning Trailer Happiness, Jenny Willing of The Curtain Hotel, DJ and ‘Rumanian’ Metinee Kongsrivilai, and failed music promoter Jacob Briars, to learn how sound is a powerful way to improve your guest experience, how music can improve your mood and your bottom line, when a playlist is better than a DJ, and why you’re probably breaking the law the moment you turn your speakers on. We’ll also bring you up to speed on the latest technology, how to promote your music offering, how to manage it, and what might be the best music to drink to.

The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square

(Formerly The Roxburghe Hotel)
38 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh EH2 4HQ, UK

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Cocktail Apprentice Program

The Cocktail Apprentice Program is an exclusive mentorship program for up-and-coming bartenders to learn alongside some of the biggest names in the business during Tales of the Cocktail on Tour.

Deadline to Apply
November 15th 2017-January 16th 2018
*Only open to working bartenders in the United Kingdom or Ireland*

Questions about the Cocktail Apprentice Program? Email

Learn more about the Cocktail Apprentice Program

Tales on Tour 2018 Cocktail Apprentices

White Coats

Cris Dehlavi, M Bar and Restaurant, 
Columbus, Ohio, USA

Trevor Kallies, The Donnelly Group, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

Black Coats

Jodi Calderon, The Normandie Club, Los Angeles, California, USA

Dean Hurst, R&D Hospitality, Tampa, Florida, USA

Jessica Lambert, Boleo & Vol.39 at The Kimpton Gray Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Grey Coats

Richard Delahoyde, The vintage cocktail club, Dublin City, Dublin, Ireland

Justine Bock, The Hour Glass, Exeter, Devon, England

Red Coats

Maja Jaworska, Super Lyan & Cub, London, Greater London, Great Britain

Stephen Downie, The Merchant Hotel, Belfast, Antrim, Ireland

Liam Grogan, Arnold Clark, Finnieston, Glasgow, Scotland

Maria Kontorravdis, Doctor Inks Curiosities, Exeter Devon, England

Scott Simpson, Hoot the Redeemer, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Josh Allen, Tipple, Lancaster, Lancashire, England

Media Credentials

Media applications for Tales on Tour are currently closed.

What do I get as Credentialed Media?

  • Access to all seminars via a dedicated stand by line
  • Unlimited access to all daily events (credential wristband required)
  • Invitations to select By Invitation Only night events (Pre-RSVP required!)
  • Preferred access to presenters and attendees you would like to interview and our assistance in contacting them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

  • All working media are eligible. It is recommended that you have a confirmed assignment.

Can I fill out one application for my whole team?

  • Unfortunately, no. Each member of your team will need to fill our their own application to answer all necessary questions.

Do you really check my work examples and references?

  • Yes! As much as we would like to take all applicants, we have a limited number of credentials available. The review is greatly weighted on the content and thoroughness of the application.

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