Tales of the Cocktail 2021 Committee Member Picks: Nana Sechere

Posted on: Aug. 17, 2021 | | By: Staff Writer

Tales of the Cocktail® return for its 19th year in a hybrid digital and in-person format from September 20-23. Headlining the conference will be the Foundation’s signature educational initiatives featuring more than 60 digital seminars that were selected by Tales of the Cocktail Foundation’s Education Committee. Sub-divided into three streams of education: Business, Culture, and Beyond the Bar, these committees have worked collectively over the past few months to curate seminars that address the interests, needs, and goals of bartenders from this year’s open call seminar submission process.

Read on as Nana Sechere – Business Advisory Member and Portfolio Brand Ambassador talks about the selection process of this year’s seminar slate, our annual theme of COMMUNITY, and list their must-see digital seminars taking place at Tales of the Cocktail® 2021.

Q: Why are you looking forward to the slated education seminars for Tales of the Cocktail® 2021?

A: There are quite a few new voices presenting at Tales of the Cocktail® 2021 and it will be a privilege to hear from! This year will show a lot of diversity and new ideas.

Q: What is your definition of COMMUNITY and why do you think it is an important theme for #TOTC2021

A: Community to me is a collective of individuals growing together as a family with shared values and common traits. It’s important for Tales of the Cocktail® in 2021 because our community has been hard hit and the best way to heal is for us to come together.

Q: What are you looking forward to most about the “How bartenders can thrive as entrepreneurs within the Spirit Industry” seminar?

A: With decreased job security, I think it’s important for members of our community to find alternative ways to leverage our skills to earn extra or new income streams. This seminar will hopefully encourage people to think a bit outside the box.

Q: What interests you about the seminar “David vs Goliath – breaking into new markets without the big bucks”?

A: There are quite a few people in our industry who may have a slight inferiority complex. Whether it’s due to job instability or general unhappiness, this may encourage people to “try” when it seems there’s no chance against some of the big names.

Q: What made you choose “A Method to the Madness: The Enduring Legacy of Sasha Petraske” seminar?

A: Simply put, Sasha Petraske is an Icon that deserves to be celebrated.

Q: What struck you as important about the “Understanding Japanese Whisky” seminar”

A: I may be slightly biased here, but I love Japanese Premium spirits. I’m very keen to see a seminar on tsukuriwake. 

Q: What fascinates you about “Bar design for Real People?”

A: I’m a geek for this sort of thing. Looking forward to hearing new insights.

Q: Why does it just make sense to include “First But Not The Last: The Evolving Role of Gatekeepers in Destroying the Gates” on your list of top seminars?

A: Gatekeeping is an excellent topic that needs to be discussed considering the current climate of change that is occurring all over the world.

Q: What interested you about the “Agave Geeks Unite – Tequila Deep Dive” seminar?

A: I love this category and would love to dive in more!

Add any of these seminars to your agenda, catch up with old friends, learn new techniques, and further your career at Tales of the Cocktail 2021!

You must be of legal drinking age to register and attend this conference and any events associated.

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