Tales of the Cocktail 2021 Committee Member Picks: Chelsea Gregoire

Posted on: Sep. 14, 2021 | | By: Staff Writer

Tales of the Cocktail® return for its 19th year in a hybrid digital and in-person format from September 20-23. Headlining the conference will be the Foundation’s signature educational initiatives featuring more than 60 digital seminars selected by Tales of the Cocktail Foundation’s Education Committee. Sub-divided into three streams of education: Business, Culture and Beyond the Bar, these committees have worked collectively over the past few months to curate seminars that address the interests, needs, and goals of bartenders from this year’s open call seminar submission process.

Read on as Chelsea Gregoire – Cultural Advisory Member, owner & consultant at Drinkable Genius talks about the selection process of this year’s seminar slate, our annual theme of COMMUNITY, and lists their must-see digital seminars taking place at Tales of the Cocktail® 2021.

Q: Why are you looking forward to the slated education seminars for Tales of the Cocktail® 2021?

A: I believe that every year, we see the selection of seminars for Tales of the Cocktail® move a little bit further in the direction of representing our beverage community and its variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and lived experiences, and this year is no different: I sincerely hope that we have made the correct selections to push the needle and to allow more folks to see themselves as a part of the future of Tales.

Q: What is your definition of COMMUNITY and why do you think it is an important theme for #TOTC2021

A: True Community means that all are welcome and all are heard. I do not believe that our industry is there yet, but in order to be the large force for change in hospitality that Tales of the Cocktail Foundation should be, it needs to demonstrate its commitment to this cause and to a brighter future. By making this the theme for 2021, it asks the industry how the Foundation can show up for everyone, and after the past year and a half, this is necessary.

Q: What are you looking forward to most about the “Cocktails and spirits and ADHD: Embracing neuro-diversity behind the bar” seminar?

A: The topic of neurodiversity is KEY to our industry: from our co-workers to our guests, the hospitality experience that most strives to create is welcoming to those who want to feel welcome in a world that otherwise may not allow them to feel that way. This is a necessary first conversation ahead of many more, starting with ADHD and its prevalence in those who tend to the bars we all love.

Q: What interests you about the “Diversify Your Diversity: Why DEI Isn’t Just Black and White” seminar?

A: This conversation led by Jackie Summers will continue the much-needed, ever-evolving conversation about how we can reconstruct our industry and the way we do business to better reflect the diversity that is already in our industry, and how to make sure that those in power look like the industry as a whole. Overall, it’s a hell yeah from me.

Q: What made you choose Emotional Intelligence and Agility in Hospitality as one of your must-see seminars?

A: This is central to the work that I do, but to be completely transparent: I need this seminar for myself. So excited to learn from Laura, and employ the knowledge in my daily life.

Add any of these seminars to your agenda, catch up with old friends, learn new techniques, and further your career at Tales of the Cocktail 2021!

You must be of legal drinking age to register and attend this conference and any events associated.

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