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2021 Spirited Awards Winners

Helen David Lifetime Achievement presented by William Grant & Sons: Jared Brown & Anistatia Miller | Douglas Ankrah
Pioneer Award presented by The Blend: Chris Cabrera
Timeless U.S. Award presented by Q Mixers: Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant
Timeless International Award presented by Perrier: DUKES Bar at Dukes London
Best Cocktail & Spirits Publication presented by Diageo Bar Academy: Imbibe
Best Cocktail & Spirits Writing presented by TOTCF: “The Myth of the Peaceful Plantation” by Wayne Curtis, Half Full
Best New Cocktail or Bartending Book presented by Diageo Bar Academy: Drinking French: The Iconic Cocktails, Apéritifs, and Café Traditions of France, with 160 recipes
Best New Book on Drinks Culture, History or Spirits presented by Diageo Bar Academy: Spirits of Latin America by Ivy Mix with James Carpenter
Best Broadcast, Podcast or Online Video Series presented by Diageo Bar Academy: Life Behind Bars with Noah Rothbaum & David Wondrich

2021 Spirited Awards Ceremony

The 15th annual Spirited Awards Ceremony was broadcasted in video format on September 23, 2021, and is now available to watch on the Tales of the Cocktail® 2021 Youtube Channel, offering opportunities for new voices to be amplified while simultaneously paying tribute to the luminaries and establishments that have left an indelible mark on our industryTop

2021 Spirited Awards Regional Roundtable Discussions

Since its founding in 2007, the Spirited Awards have become one of the industry’s most sought-after awards, recognizing beverage professionals, products, and establishments across every facet of the spirits and cocktail community on a global scale. However, given the drastic changes our industry faced in 2020, the Foundation must also change how we recognize our industry’s establishments’ and individuals’ accomplishments.

The design of the 15th Annual Spirited Awards celebration is to have our community feeling hopeful about the future. Although this year’s celebration of excellence in the spirits and drinks industry will be different, we invite you to join us for an extended celebration through our Spirited Awards Regional Roundtable Discussions.

This year, members of the Spirited Awards Regional Committees conducted a series of Spirited Awards Regional Roundtable Discussions with its global network of 19 Regional Co-Chairs and over 200 Regional Committee Members. These roundtables identify voices in each Spirited Awards region that have shaped the way the industry has adapted from COVID-19, and present emerging themes poised to push the spirits community forward and will be shared at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail® (September 20 – 23) digital conference.

Community presented by Pernod Ricard

For the past 14 past years, the Spirited Awards has acknowledged the ways in which the global drinks industry has come together to share both knowledge and compassion. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has mobilized to support their communities locally and beyond in a variety of ways. With this intention, the Spirited Awards Committee recognizes individuals, establishments and organizations across eight regions which foster a sense of community; from finding ways to feed out-of-work hospitality workers to educating the public on cultural awareness and the history behind specific spirits, ingredients, and more. Stream on Youtube


Digital Experiences presented by Pernod Ricard

As the world continues to connect people in a digital landscape; bars, restaurants and brands have moved to translating their experiences virtually. During government shutdowns in 2020, it was more important than ever to be able to extend each experience to continue to connect and share. The following individuals, establishments and organizations have redefined experiences in a digital world, not only for the industry, but for consumers as well, and have shared how to grow one’s brand in a virtual platform.
Stream on Youtube


Drinks Culture presented by Perrier

Drinks Culture has evolved tremendously over the past 14 past years. There have been reimaginings and revelations in both craft and culture. The Spirited Awards Committee acknowledges regional growth in the following section from sustainability, no and low cocktails, and utilizing local resources to lower carbon footprints. Stream on Youtube



Industry Advocacy presented by Pernod Ricard

A community is a unified body of individuals. We cannot be unified without the work of individuals or organizations which do the work to further our industry when it comes to creating equitable and inclusive spaces, sustainable lifestyles, and governmental policies which bolster our livelihoods. Industry Advocacy is the foundation of our growth as a culture and a community across the globe.
Stream on Youtube


Innovative Pivots presented by CAMPARI

There is an incredible amount of skill and creativity that comes from innovation. Without the courage to change, there cannot be evolution. These individuals, establishments and organizations did not adapt to circumstance but set the bar for redefining our market. Over the past year of social distancing, they created drink experiences that allowed them to keep their teams employed and their guest experience within reach, whether at home or in alternative spaces — rejuvenating and reenvisioning what business looks like for the future. Stream on Youtube


Nomination Process

Categories open for public nomination are NOT based on the volume of nominations submitted. It only takes ONE nomination to be considered for an award, self-nominations accepted and encouraged! 

2021 Nomination Process

Writing & Media Categories

A person or establishment may not win the same category two years in a row and is limited to no more than two awards in the same category within five years.

Best Cocktail & Spirits Publication

Best Cocktail & Spirits Writing

Best New Cocktail or Bartending Book

Best New Book on Drinks Culture, History or Spirits

Best Broadcast, Podcast or Online Video Series


Pioneer Award

Additional Industry Awards

Not Available for Public Nomination

Helen David Lifetime Achievement Award

Timeless U.S. Award

Timeless International Award

Regional Breakdown

Each year, the Spirited Awards® judges also break down regional recognitions for these categories. Please find the breakdown of each region below:

US Regions - United States - East

US Regions - United States - West

US Regions - United States - Central

International Regions - Europe

International Regions - Middle East & Africa

International Regions - Asia & Pacific (APAC)

International Regions - Latin America & Caribbean (LPAC)

International Regions - Canada

Spirited Awards Committee

Tales of the Cocktail Foundation’s Spirited Awards® Committee, including Co-Chairs, Regional Committee Members, and Writing & Media Judges, is composed of respected bartenders, bar owners, educators, and writers from across the globe. Drawing on their years of experience and their knowledge of the current work being done locally, nationally, and internationally, together the Co-Chairs and Judges can evaluate nominees from far and wide to ensure that the Spirited Awards are inclusive and represent the breadth and diversity of the global drinks industry.

This Committee is dedicated to valuing the inclusion of the communities we serve by enlisting a judging panel that reflects their incredible diversity in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality.

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