9 Drinks That Inspired Us This Week

Posted on: May. 06, 2016 | | By: Gray Chapman

Last week, the Instagram rabbit hole brought us bathtub gin, a cocktail bouquet and one very dreamy cotton candy situation. This week, we found ourselves transfixed by sneaky teases from Nightjar, picture-perfect Ramos foam and boozy snowcones, to name a few. Take a dive into the wonderful, oft-mesmerizing world of craft cocktails on Instagram, where creativity abounds and egg white foam seemingly knows no vertical limits:

1. Sneak peeks from Nightjar’s new menu are making us very, very curious

Over the last week, London’s Nightjar (known for their incredibly creative presentation, among many other reasons) has been posting teasers of its new summer menu, set to roll out this summer. They’ve teased us with up-close detail shots of new drinks on the forthcoming menu, providing just enough to entice and excite, with images of of tiny (perhaps edible?) sombrero garnishes, new handcrafted glasses, glitter-rimmed cocktails and, in this image, a drink vessel we can barely begin to wrap our minds around. Now, it’s just a matter of waiting and watching for the new, secret drinks to finally arrive.rn

2. A slightly territorial twist on a twist at Canon in Seattle


Canon in Seattle is no stranger to taking things into the next level — their massive menu of spirits took home last year’s Spirited Award for Best Spirits Selection. Here, Canon stakes their claim with branded lemon peels made into tiny flags that feature their cannon emblem. This photo, an outtake from proprietor Jamie Boudreau, is an outtake from a recent shoot with the New York Times.

3. A summertime kid classic with an over-21 twist


We’re inclined to agree that nothing could be better on a warm spring Friday afternoon than a boozy snow cone. ThirstyNYC shows us the ultimate treat with which to welcome the weekend, as served up by New York nightlife hot spot The Lively.

4. The bartender taking the Ramos to new heights


Perhaps it’s in our New Orleans nature, but we cannot ignore the majesty of a perfect egg white foam. And in this case, as snapped by Alain Joseph, bartender Val Gonzalez simply crushes it at Dutch Kills in New York: the foam topping this row of Ramos fizzes is stiff enough to stand on its own and probably tastes like a gin meringue pie.

5. Cherry blossom cube


Dirigo Sweden, an ice mold manufacturer, freezes a moment in time with this perfectly spring-worthy, delicate cherry blossom ice.

6. Monkey business at Little Red Door


There are a lot of things on-point at Paris’ Little Red Door, one of the World’s 50 Best Bars. Now, coconut-carved glassware shaped like a gorilla is one of them.

7. The Sharknado of margaritas


We already knew that the bartenders at Seamstress, the snazzy Upper East Side cocktail bar, aren’t afraid to show off their unique personal style. That goes for their drinks, too. Pam Wiznitzer, the bar’s creative director, whipped up this whimsical margarita in partnership with First We Feast just in time for Cinco de Mayo — but with gummy sharks, an egg white salt foam and a splash of blue curacao (you know how we love our blue drinks), this marg is worthy of more than just one day of the year.

8. A whisky drink worthy of 221B Baker Street


At Dry Martini London, whose original Barcelona counterpart has held steady on the World’s 50 Best Bars list for seven years in a row, white-jacketed bartenders work (and dress) more like lab techs, with the exact kind of fastidious attention to detail that you might find in a chemistry lab. This drink, aptly titled “The Pipe,” combines Dalmore, Lagavulin 16, Martini Gran Lusso, white chocolate and absinthe, and is served up in a piece of glassware fit for Sherlock Holmes himself.

9. A marshmallow “iceberg”


This Seussian concoction topping an espresso martini comes to us from Spice Market Melbourne, where our Southern hemisphere friends are bracing themselves for the beginning of winter. What better way to prepare for those dreary months ahead than with a cocktail topped with an “iceberg” of passionfruit marshmallow and vanilla candy floss “snow”?

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