6ourbon 7ime

What is 6ourbon 7ime?

It’s that time, be it at dusk or dawn, when you shake off the shift you just worked. It’s that moment when you leave chatting with customers and creating cocktails behind, and finally take a moment all your own. 

Pre-pandemic, this hour came like clockwork. It was built into the end of a shift––a proverbial bookend, propping you up after you’d given all you’ve got. These days, when work-life can invade everyday life, when everything is upside down, Beam Suntory wants you to reclaim that personal hour.


Join America’s top bartenders as they share curated 6ourbon 7ime Playlists on Spotify. Each one is paired with that bartender’s favorite cocktail––the bespoke drink to sip while tuning in.

The best part? You can have this restorative hour on repeat, any time of day, and you’ll be giving back to a great cause at the same time. Beam Suntory will donate $1 to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation (up to $500) for each playlist follow.

Cheers … to 6ourbon 7ime – a stiff drink, a great song, a little time to one’s self.

Luis Hernandez

“Music is a way to get into a specific mood for me, it’s fuel to relax, fuel to crush a busy night, fuel to work out, or fuel to celebrate.” 20-year industry veteran Luis Hernandez currently owns his own cocktail consulting firm and works as a cocktail consultant for bars, restaurants, and venues.

Luis’s inspiration for his playlist came from how he unwinds after a shift. “I was really excited to participate in this playlist program, and my playlist is a little similar to the way I unwind after a shift. What you do after a shift all depends on how that shift was.”

Photo by: Gabi Porter

Playlist Archive

Hip Hop to Country, Brass Bands to Yacht Rock––there’s a playlist for everyone. Reclaim your 6ourbon 7ime and expand your personal repertoire by visiting our playlist collection here.

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