Spirited Awards® Voting Procedures

Tales of the Cocktail Foundation’s Spirited Awards® Committee, including Co-Chairs, and Judges, including: Regional, Writing & Media, Books, Timeless, Helen David Lifetime Achievement, etc. is composed of respected bartenders, bar owners, educators and writers from across the globe. Drawing on their years of experience and their knowledge of the current work being done locally, nationally and internationally, together the Co-Chairs and Committee Members or Judges can evaluate nominees from far and wide to ensure that the Spirited Awards are inclusive and represent the breadth and diversity of the global drinks industry.

This Committee is dedicated to valuing the inclusion of the communities we serve by enlisting committees that reflect their incredible diversity in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality.

Upon receiving all of the nominees and information for each category, each judge will vote online using a ranking system of up to 5 top choices in each category. Judges are required to rank 5 in each category, otherwise, judges must choose to abstain from voting in that category.
For each category, judges will be asked to make 5 weighted choices.

  • Choice 1 will be weighted with 5 points
  • Choice 2 will be weighted with 4 points
  • Choice 3 will be weighted with 3 points
  • Choice 4 will be weighted with 2 points
  • Choice 5 will be weighted with 1 point
  • Judges’ votes will not be accepted unless all 5 choices were chosen.
  • Writing & Media and Book Judges are instructed to conduct outside research i.e. reading media coverage, websites, and listen to podcasts in order to best inform their decision.
  • Regional Judges are instructed to only vote for those bars, people, products that they have visited, met or tasted.
  • The winner will be the nominee in each category with the highest number of points. If there is a difference of five points or fewer between candidates in any category, there will be a re-vote among only those candidates.

Helen David Lifetime Achievement Award

The award recipient of the Helen David Lifetime Achievement Award is selected by a committee composed of luminaries from the drinks industry, and has representation from prior winners of both the Helen David Lifetime Achievement Award and Pioneer Award.

Pioneer Award

Nominees for the Pioneer Award are voted on by active Dame Hall of Fame® members.

Timeless U.S. Award and Timeless International Award

The award recipients of the Timeless U.S. Award and Timeless International Award are selected by a renowned committee composed of leading authorities on the drinks industry. Their collective insights and global reach work in tandem to help identify the best establishments eligible for these awards.


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