Shake Outside of the Box: Avant-Garde Cocktails

New trends are being created all the time, with bartenders from all around the world constantly discovering esoteric new techniques and ingredients that seem poised to become the next big thing. If you've ever dreamed of breaking into that "avant-garde" scene with a creation of your own, this is definitely a seminar to check out. Michael Callahan (the man behind 29 Hong Kong St's #1 ranking on Asia's Best bars), Micah Melton (The Aviary, The Office), Danil Nevsky ("Vagabond Project," "Cocktails For You"), Elliot Ball (co-owner of Cocktail Trading Club), and Summer Jane-Bell (TrophyCocktail co-founder and moderator) pool together their experience in creating outlandish and envelope-pushing cocktails to provide you with the building blocks needed to make a flawless avant-garde debut.

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