Guilty Pleasures

Here's an interesting question: why do we enjoy drinking cocktails? The simple answer would be "because it's fun," or "because they taste good," but behind those responses lie dozens of additional questions. Why do we find drinking fun, and why do we enjoy certain types of alcohol and reject others? Are our responses socialized, or could they be entirely natural reactions? Claire Smith-Warner and Iain Griffiths (White Lyan/Dandelyan) aim to uncover the truth behind our urge to "feel different than normal" with alcohol through an examination of biology and historical trends. With the help of Jeffrey Kluger (TIME Magazine) and Zoe Cormier (founder, Guerilla Science and author of Sex, Drugs & rock n Roll: The Science of Hedonism and the Hedonism of Science), the root of alcohol's near-universal attraction may finally be uncovered.

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