8 Flavors: The Untold Story of Mixology

When you're making a rum and coke, you know that the drink will taste good, but do you ever wonder when and why the combination became so popular, or why people enjoy mixing coke and spirits at all? Sure, it may seem like a meaningless issue to focus on, but mixed drinks didn't appear out of nowhere, and even the simplest of boozy combinations has a wealth of history behind it. Fortunately, you don't need to spend hours doing research: author Sarah Lohman's already done the legwork, and she's eager to share her knowledge of drink history with you. With 8 key ingredients (juniper, citrus, nutmeg, ice, anise, grenadine, cola, and flavored vodka) serving as a framework, Lohman explores the evolution of cocktail history from the tail end of the 18th century up until today, and analyzes the trends of the past to try and predict the flavor fads of the future.

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