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From our partner Patrón

The Sacrifice cocktail features Patron's Extra Añejo.

The Sacrifice

Patron's Extra Añejo and fine orange liqueur make for an elevated take on a sunrise cocktail.

The Paloma at Lyn 65. Photo by Kevin Kramer.

Is the Paloma Poised to be the N...

From grapefruit sodas to shrubs to liqueurs, this citrus-based tequila drink is all the rage.

Q Grapefruit soda

Punch up Your Paloma With These ...

These riffs on the traditional Paloma are sure to suit a plethora of palates.

A 1905 photograph shows a man drawing pulque from the maquey plant. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

The Ancient Art of Tequila

The origin story behind most spirits begins with a legend — none more so than tequila's ancient predecessor, pulque.

From our partner Patrón

Patron's Platinum Margarita

​Patrón Platinum Margarita

This silvery margarita will be the star of any show.

From our partner Patrón

For the new Patrón Extra Añejo, all of the barrels have aged tequila for a minimum of three years, but some of them have aged it for four years, and some even have aged it for five years.

The Art of Aging Tequila

Barrel-aging spirits enhances and impacts flavor, but the quality of the end product always begins with good tequila.

From our partner Patrón

The Hola Gran Estrella cocktail, made with Patrón Extra Anejo.

​Hola Gran Estrella

Tequila and coffee pair perfectly in this fall-flavored cocktail.

Francisco Alcaraz. Photo courtesy of Patron.

The Geniuses of Jalisco

Meet the master distillers turning years of history and experience into tequila perfection.

Amy Stewart is the author of The Drunken Botanist

A Botanist's Take on What Makes ...

The author of The Drunken Botanist knows that everything begins with the careful cultivation of agave.

How you choose to imbibe tequila is up to you, but bartenders and aficionados prefer to sip it. Photo via Wikipedia Commons.

The Tequila Starter Kit

We've distilled down some basic tequila facts for your sipping pleasure.

From our partner Patrón

La Casona cocktail draws inspiration from Patron's elegant headquarters in Mexico.

La Casona

Inspired by Patrón's luxe guest house, this tequila cocktail is made extra festive with champagne.

From our partner Patrón

Patrón Extra Añejo debuted at 2017 Tales. Photo by Jennifer Mitchell Photography.

What's Old Is New Again With Thi...

Introducing Extra Añejo Tequila, Patrón’s First New Addition to Its Core Tequila Range in 25 Years.

A salted margarita

Getting Salty with a Margarita

Should you always salt the rim of a margarita glass? Just half of it? In the drink itself? The debate continues.

The 1,800-year-old Mural of the Drinkers is located in the city of Cholula, and shows the first evidence of the ritualistic consumption of pulque. Photo courtesy of

Meet Tequila's Ancient Ancestor,...

The alcoholic beverage is native to Mexico, but there are a few significant differences between pulque and other distilled agave spirits like tequila.

From our partner Patrón

A smoky take on the classic tequila drink Paloma.

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Whether you’re a fan of spice, sweetness, or subtle smoky flavors, we’ve rounded up some of the most festive tequila cocktails to commemorate this ...