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Every year we welcome a group of talented interns to join the Tales of the Cocktail® team. But this isn’t your fetching-coffee kind of internship. Our interns play a crucial role in bringing Tales of the Cocktail® to life. In return they get the experience needed to conquer the hospitality business with major spirits brands, restaurant groups, hotels and more.

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What our past interns have said about the program and their experiences:

  • "Tales of the Cocktail was my first internship and will surely be my most memorable! I learned so much about event planning and public relations, and had limitless networking opportunities. I am forever grateful for the Tales team and everything they taught me. They started off as a group of women that I saw twice a week and ended up being women that I look up to as mentors and can genuinely call friends!" - Shea Hermann, 2015 Intern (Loyola University New Orleans)
  • "Working with Tales gave me the best of both worlds: it gave me a taste of a professional and intense work experience while enjoying all the fun that comes with putting on a great event." - Torre Sossaman, 2015 Intern (University of Georgia)
  • "My internship with Tales was one of the greatest decisions in my life. Before my internship I had never been to New Orleans and the warm welcome I got was unbelievable. I am so happy to now be a part of the Tales family and to have made so many great connections in such a wonderful city. The experience I feel like I have gained from the internship will I'm sure help me in my future in the hospitality industry." - Courtney Schultz, 2014 Intern (James Madison University)
  • "If you are interested in learning about networking, event planning or the hospitality industry, Tales of the Cocktail® is a great place to start! Working for Tales taught me an abundance of things about management, the hospitality industry and detailed event planning! I was glad to be apart of the team! It is a wonderful experience and unlike other internships, it's fun!" -Bethany Washington, 2014 Intern (Loyola University New Orleans)
  • "I just wanted to thank you so much for an incredible experience. There are no words to describe how great the internship was and how much I learned. Thank you for the opportunity." - Aimee Brown, 2014 Intern (Loyola University New Orleans)
  • "I had such a remarkable experience during my internship at Tales of the Cocktail®. I gained valuable work experience, and I made so many friends along the way. Not only did I learn event logistics and scheduling, I learned valuable skills like time-management, multi-tasking, and to take the initiative. As my internship was ending the angels were fantastic and assisted me in my job search. Ann and her team went above and beyond for me, and I know that I can contact them if I ever need help or guidance for anything, or just to say hi! I would suggest an internship with Tales of the Cocktail® to any young professional who wants to learn valuable life and career skills while having a great time along the way." -Christine Bondick, 2013 Intern (Louisiana State University)
  • "Tales of the Cocktail® is the best internship in New Orleans and is the most Fun. It was a great experience and awesome to put on your resume." - Jordan Schmidt, 2013 Intern (University of New Orleans)
  • "Tales of the Cocktail® was an amazing experience. I learned so much that is not only going to help me throughout the rest of my time in school but also in my future career. I loved every second of working there, and I know you will too." - Ashley Larsen, 2013 Intern (Loyola University New Orleans)
  • “I would definitely recommend Tales of the Cocktail® especially because of the valuable firsthand experience that the internship program offers.” –Bridget Juelich, 2011 and 2012 Intern (Loyola University New Orleans)
  • “I enjoyed that my internship evolved into a larger part of my professional career.” –Edie Burns, 2011 and 2012 Intern
  • “I really enjoyed the intense amount of teamwork that took place in that office. It made me feel that I was really a part of something great!” –Renee Giraud, 2012 Intern (University of New Orleans)
  • “Staff members clearly motivate interns to take initiative and solve any problems that may arise.” –Jason Coleman, 2012 Intern
  • “It was incredible to watch the event unfold and how the hard work paid off.” –Kari Price, 2012 Intern (Loyola University New Orleans)
  • “It was the BEST experience of my life.” –Lauren Jung, 2012 Intern
  • “The knowledge I have gained and the people I have met are irreplaceable.” –Maggie Moore, 2011 and 2012 Intern (Loyola University New Orleans)
  • “I got invaluable experience in the spirits industry that I actually got to have hands on experience and really got to be apart of this wonderful event! I got to see how far the reach of Tales and the spirit industry actually goes, and that it touches everything.” –Paige Robinson, 2012 Intern
  • “The networking possibilities are endless and it will really give you the experience that other industry professionals are looking for.” –Sophie McGuinness, 2012 Intern (University of New Orleans)