10 Instagram Accounts to Follow During This Year's Tales

Don't miss a moment of the 2017 Tales of the Cocktail.
Bartender serving green chile pepper cocktails
The new liqueur from Ancho Reyes unofficially debuted at the 2016 Tales of the Cocktail at the William Grant & Sons portfolio party. Photo: Jennifer Mitchell Photography.

There's never enough time to see and do everything at Tales — what with our groundbreaking seminars, exclusive tasting events, and late-night (occasionally into the wee hours of dawn) parties, there's just no (humanly) way possible to cover it all. So, whether you're a Tales Veteran looking for something new, a Tales Virgin wondering where the party's at, or longingly watching from afar, we've picked a few 'grammers that will make you feel like you're in the heart of NOLA this week. From brand ambassadors to seminar presenters to cocktail napkin artists, follow along with these Tales attendees to get a taste of the action and a few peeks behind the scenes.

1. @cocktails_for_you

2. @beautifulbooze

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Happy Weekend Friends! I am sharing another recipe from my @brides collaboration. The Dragon Bramble is perfect for summer time drinking! See recipe below and/or full blog post link in my profile! 1.5 oz. gin ½ oz. pureed dragon fruit 1 oz. lemon juice 1 oz. blueberry simple syrup Puree half of a dragon fruit ahead of time and crush ice before mixing the liquid ingredients. Combine gin, dragon fruit, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake hard to combine and chill ingredients. Pour over crushed ice in a rocks glass and float blackberry simple syrup over top. Garnish with fresh dragon fruit. **The beautiful jigger is from @viskistyle #brides #wedding #booze #gin #dragonfruit #BeautifulBooze #bramble #summer #weekend

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3. @napkinkilla

4. @cocktailenthusiast

5. @homebartendr

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The orange oleo saccharum just calls out for an Old Fashioned. Since oleo saccharum has been around for so long (David Wondrich traces it back to at least 1707), this seems to fit. I often like a little orange flavor in my Old Fashioned (orange bitters, mind you, not a muddled slice of fruit). This does the trick really well. . Extra-Orange Old Fashioned (recipe from Saveur) 2 oz #rye (we used #bulleit) 1/2 oz orange oleo saccharum 2 dashes house orange #bitters 2 dashes #feebrothers #whiskeybarrelagedbitters Stir and strain into an Old Fashioned glass. Garnish with orange and lemon peels. . #oleosacchrum #punch #cocktails #cocktail #homebar #homebartender #oleosacchrumcocktails #orangeoleo #orangeoleosaccharum

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6. @emmajanzen

7. @patrikgallineaux

8. @pig_n_punch

9. @tristanstephenson

10. @alcademics

**And, of course, @tales_of_the_cocktail

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