Tales of the Toddy® Winners' Recipes


Judges' Choice Cocktail:

People's Choice Cocktail:

Doc Holliday Grog
By Chris Hannah & Christine Jeanine Nielsen

The Glass Sipper
By Brooke Flaherty & Ashley Carswell


Judges' Choice Cocktail:

People's Choice Cocktail:

Basil Rathbone
By Andy Parkinson & Shannon McSwain

Serves 1

Stay Awake Lover
By Nathan Dalton & Derek Brumfield
Serves 1

2 oz. Basil Hayden's
.5 oz. Drambuie
.5 oz. Martini & Rossi Sweet Vermouth
.25 oz. Homemade Peppercorn Walnut Syrup
Lemon Twist

Directions: Combine ingredients and stir.
Garnish with a Lemon Twist.

Peppercorn Walnut Syrup:
1:1:1, whole walnut: sugar: water
1:1 roasted whole black peppercorns to walnut
simple, muddled and fine strained.

Cook the simple syrup on the stove with the walnuts in it.
After straining out the walnuts, muddle the roasted black peppercorns
(we put them in the oven spread on a baking sheet for about 10-15 minutes
and 375-400 degrees) into the walnut simple, then fine strain. As a bonus
you now have candied walnuts leftover to serve to your guests.

.5 oz. Bacardí 8
.25 oz. Licor 43
.5 oz. Cinnamon Syrup
.5 tbsp/oz. Butter
3.5 oz. Hot Coffee

Garnish: Strawberry Chantilly Cream

Directions: Mix all ingredients and stir until
the butter is melted. Serve hot.
Top with a dollop of Strawberry Chantilly Cream.

To make the cream, whip the following until stiff:
1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1/4 cup Confectioners Sugar
.5 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp. Pureed Strawberries (until cream is pink)


Judges’ Choice Cocktail:

People’s Choice Cocktail:

Baked Louisiana
By Liam Deegan & Lucinda Weed
Serves 1
Ombibulous Gunpowder Dame
By Lizzy Fitzousa & Lexi Winston
Serves 1
1 oz. Praline Pecan Liqueur

1 oz. Heavy Whipping Cream
1 oz. Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey
.5 oz. French Truck Cold Brew Coffee
Garnish: Brûléed Mini Marshmallows

Directions: Add spirits, heavy whipping cream, French Truck Cold Brew Coffee to a shaker. Shake without ice. Pour over freshly shaved ice. Top with flaming mini marshmallows.

2 oz. Reyka Vodka
.5 oz. Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur
.75 oz. Gunpowder Syrup
.25 oz. Ronald Reginald’s Vanilla Bean Marinade
Garnish: 1 Slice Pink Lemon

Directions: Rinse or mist rocks glass with Solerno. Muddle slice of pink lemon in glass. Add gunpowder syrup and vodka. Stir and add ice. Mist with vanilla marinade and serve.


People’s Choice Cocktail:

For The Trees
By T. Cole Newton
Serves 1
1 oz. Liquer de Sapins
.75 oz. Honey Syrup (2:1 honey:water)
.75 oz. lime juice

2 dashes Angostura Bitters
2.5 oz hot water

Directions: Combine all ingredients, stir lightly and garnish with a lime peel.