Tales of the Toddy® Winners

Winning Recipes


Judges' Choice Cocktail: Doc Holliday Grog by Chris Hannah & Christine Jeanine Nielsen
People's Choice Cocktail: The Glass Sipper by Brooke Flaherty & Ashley Carswell
People's Choice Restaurant: CellarDoor


Judges' Choice Cocktail: Basil Rathbone by Andy Parkinson & Shannon McSwain
People's Choice Cocktail: Stay Awake Lover by Nathan Dalton & Derek Brumfield
People's Choice Restaurant: Katie's Restaurant


Judges' Choice Cocktail: Liam Deegan & Lucinda Weed
People's Choice Cocktail: Lizzy Fitzousa & Lexi Winston
People's Choice Restaurant: MOPHO


Judges' Choice Cocktail: Team Nog- Eric Dahm, Chris Hannah, Scot Mattox, Lucinda Weed and Ted Blumenthal
People's Choice Cocktail: T. Cole Newton
People's Choice Restaurant: Broussard's